Your AI Interview Copilot.

Simplify interview

note taking.



note taking

Sinta helps you focus on the candidate & streamline your interviews with customizable templates, AI-powered summaries, and video interview integrations.

Features that allow you to manage interviews with ease.

Collaborate together
Structured interviews with pre-set or customized competency-based questions, inviting interviewers to collaborate in real-time at each stage.
Everything you need on one screen with real-time feedback, transcribed video, and integrated with Zoom or Google Meet to help interviewers focus.
Easy, automatic feedback
Actionable information to make it easy for hiring managers to review comprehensive information on each candidate, including interview breakdowns, scores, and recorded video transcripts.

Lightning Fast Feedback

Collaborate seamlessly and debrief using a AI-generated summary for each interview. Accelerate your hiring process leveraging timely feedback to make confident, impactful hiring decisions.
Hours week saved from meetings

Smarter Interviews

Say goodbye to scattered notes and missed opportunities. Our platform creates a unified environment for hiring teams, bringing together all necessary interview elements - from candidate details to interview questions.
Interviewer Productivity
Interviews Completed

Hiring Templates from Top Companies

Quickly create structured interview templates using pre-set, community-made, or custom templates with recommended competency-based questions.

Tailored Interview Questions

Curated library of top-notch interview questions that will help you make smarter hiring decisions in record time. You can access competency and skill-based questions that are specifically tailored to the role you're hiring for.

Integrate your existing tools

Integrate Sinta with your existing ATS provider and communication tools, seamless and easily. Effortless integrations into platforms you use today, ensuring a smooth hiring process from start to finish.

Take interviews to
the next level

Say goodbye 👋 to disorganized and unproductive.
Sinta helps make interviews a breeze.
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