Who we are

Our mission is to enable interviewers to hire more effectively, efficiently, and equitably.

We are providing the simplest solution for the most complex problem

Our vision is to create a world where workforces are universally equitable and innovative.
Our approach at Sinta is grounded in the belief that the right technology can transform the hiring process. We understand that interviewing is more than just a step in recruitment; it's a critical gateway to building strong, capable teams. Therefore, we've dedicated ourselves to crafting a platform that simplifies and enhances this crucial process.
Our goal is to provide interviewers with insightful, actionable data that helps them make informed decisions, ensuring that the best candidates are not just identified, but also feel valued and understood throughout the process.

⚖️ Operating Principles

Learn & Adapt
Continuous learning and adaptability are paramount, we encourage an open-minded approach to new ideas and methods; have a beginner’s mindset.
Prioritize the Urgent and Impactful
We focus on tasks & projects that demand immediate attention and offer significant impact.
Create a People-First Environment
We firmly believe that by prioritizing the well-being & satisfaction of our team first, we are laying the foundation for better customer experiences and long-term success.
Seek Creative & Practical Solutions
We will continually find new & practical ways to deliver exceptional service; creating memorable experiences for our customers and team members to foster a supportive and caring environment.
Be a Pragmatic Optimist
We balance a positive outlook with a pragmatic approach in decision-making to drive constructive progress and success.
Simplify & Value All Ideas
Good ideas can come from anywhere. We value diverse thoughts while keeping our approach clear-cut and straightforward, blending inclusivity with simplicity.

We are a team of  creativity and software nerdiness.

Mattias Velamsson
software engineer Lead
Chris Wu
COO & co-Founder
Mohamed Shegow
CEO & co-Founder
Suwon Baek
software engineer
Tahir Mohammad
software engineer
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