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Introducing Sinta

Mohamed Shegow
CEO & Co-Founder

Hey Interviewers and Hiring Teams!

Today marks a significant milestone for us, and hopefully for you too. We're rolling out something special for interviewers like you – a tool designed to transform how you conduct interviews; making them better, more efficient, and bias-free.

The Why Behind Sinta

We've been in the trenches of the hiring world, and we've seen the challenges. The thing is, traditional interviews, as we know them, often miss the mark. They can be inefficient, inconsistent, and let unconscious biases slip in. Studies have consistently shown that such interviews are poor predictors of job performance.

Realizing this, we set out to build something different – a tool that not only streamlines the interview process but also actively works to reduce bias, ensuring a fair and effective hiring practice.

Here’s How We're Going to Achieve This: 

  1. Interviewer-centric design: Our approach puts your needs as an interviewer first, ensuring that efficiency and clarity are at the heart of everything we do. By streamlining your role, we aim to make every task you undertake more impactful and manageable.
  2. Reducing unconscious bias: We equip you with the tools to support equitable hiring, enabling diversity and merit-based decisions, leading the way in reducing bias.
  3. Fostering collaboration and communication: Encouraging teamwork and alignment is key in the hiring process. We're dedicated to nurturing a culture of collaborative and transparent decision-making, where the insights and contributions of every team member are not just heard but are essential.

What’s in the box? 

After poring over feedback from interviewers and countless development hours, here's what we've cooked up:

  • Structured interviews as easy as 1,2,3: A mix of ready-to-use and customizable questions that can be easily added to templates for consistent and relevant interviews.
  • Integrated live video interviews: Conduct interviews seamlessly within the tool for a smoother experience for both you and the candidates. No more juggling between multiple tabs or windows and trying to fit everything onto one screen!
  • Real-time, AI-powered feedback: Choose between recording feedback in real time or leverage AI-powered summaries for unbiased, comprehensive evaluation, or use both!
  • Hiring team collaboration: Get everyone on board with providing feedback on interviews, crafting questions together, and sharing insights easily. It's teamwork made easy.

Tailored for Modern Hiring Needs

Understanding the dynamic needs of modern hiring teams, our tool is built to be flexible and scalable. It's designed to grow with your team, adapting to your evolving hiring strategies and helping you build a diverse and talented aworkforce.

Ready to Transform Your Hiring Process?

We're on a mission to make the interview process not just a step in hiring, but a strategic advantage. If you're an interviewer looking to upgrade your hiring process, we invite you to try our tool. 

Got questions or want a sneak peek? Just give us a shout, sign up for the wailist below, or a book a time here

Together, let's make hiring smarter, faster, and fairer.


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